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The Retirees

These long-time HCM clients have been retired for twelve years and enjoy a very comfortable retirement income. A significant portion of that income, however, comes from a pension that will be cut in half at his death.

Because of this, the couple had lost some sleep worrying about this possible loss of pension income and what would happen if one of them required long-term care. To ease their fears, we were able to show them how to significantly increase future social security benefits should her pension income be reduced at his premature death. We were also able to help them evaluate the need for long-term care insurance vs. the ability to self-insure against this risk. 

Finally, we put in place a sustainable retirement income plan to supplement their pension income. The investment risk in their portfolio has been designed to adjust to market over and under valuation giving them the confidence to take additional income to allow them to help their children out from time to time. Knowing that they have a plan in place that accounts for the possibility of a reduced income and a long-term care event, our client can let those worries rest.

Fortunately our clients are currently both healthy, enjoy spending time with their grandchildren, and love their winters in Florida and their summers in Cincinnati. Contact HCM at 513.598.5120 if you want to find out if you are prepared for the unexpected.

This scenario is intended to illustrate services available at HCM and is not intended to be a testimonial or endorsement and is not intended to necessarily represent the experiences of other clients.