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Investment and Financial Planning Services

HCM Investment and Financial Planning Services:

When we work with our clients, we have three goals we discuss and develop a process to achieve your goals.

Goal #1: Get to Know Each Other

Together, through in-person meetings, Go-To-Meetings via the internet and phone calls, we identify your goals, values and financial objectives.

Goal #2: Build a Wealth Plan for Your Financial Independence

We create a plan that establishes your objectives and respects your risk tolerance. We implement your plan with realistic expectations.

Goal #3: Understand Your Overall Financial Picture

We work with your trusted advisors, coordinating the activities of your CPA, attorney and insurance advisor.

With your goals in mind, we construct tax-efficient and risk managed investment solutions using the below steps:

  1. Complete a Planning Questionnaire to gather financial information about you and your family
  2. Conduct personalized cash flow analysis
  3. Establish portfolio objectives and risk parameters 
  4. Develop an investment policy statement
  5. Build a tax efficient investment strategy
  6. Build investment portfolios and protect income with bond ladders
  7. Conduct due diligence using institutional analytics
  8. Assess economic trends and outlook for global capital markets
  9. Continually evaluate, monitor and manage the progress of your portfolio

HCM's Portfolio Strategies

HCM Strategic Portfolio: Long-Term Dynamic Investing

Strategic growth is designed for clients who appreciate a stationary risk allocation accompanied with an active asset class management strategy. This solution attempts to capture long-term appreciation over complete market cycles. The process involves active rebalancing to risk and asset class allocation targets during volatile markets. This portfolio is best suited for clients who are in the accumulation phase with a long-term investment horizon. It is intended for accounts without distribution requirements in the near to intermediate future. Read here for more information about HCM's Strategic Portfolio objectives and process.

HCM Advance and Defend™ Portfolio

Managing risk in a complex market, HCM's Advance and Defend™ is a strategy Hengehold Capital Management designed for clients who understand the benefits of global diversification and want someone to manage the downside risk and exploit the upside potential. The objective is to participate in advancing secular bull markets and to limit adverse portfolio effects in sideways to negative secular bear markets. The tactical nature of Advance and Defend™ allows the HCM Investment Committee to include a wide range of style and strategies with a focus on total return over long-term market cycles. Read here for more information about HCM's Advance and Defend™ Portfolio.

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, our loyalties are always aligned with our clients' best interests. 

You have dreamed of a financially independent life for you and your family. Together we will build a plan to turn that dream into reality.