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HCM Strategic Growth Portfolio™

Long-term Dynamic Investing

The HCM Strategic Growth portfolio is designed for clients who appreciate a stationary risk allocation accompanied with an active asset class management strategy. This solution attempts to capture long-term appreciation over complete market cycles. The process involves active rebalancing to risk and asset class allocation targets during volatile markets. This portfolio is best suited for clients who are in the accumulation phase with a long-term investment horizon. It is intended for accounts without distribution requirements in the near to intermediate future.

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  • Active Portfolio Management 
  • Stationary Risk Allocation
  • Growth objective over complete market cycles 

Emphasis on Transparency and Communication

  • Advisors Available for Consultation
  • Rationale of Portfolio Adjustments 
  • Weekly Market Commentary 
  • Monthly Articles Published Online 
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Annual Client Letter

Investment Process

The HCM Investment Committee identifies strategies based on long-term valuation regressions. Portfolios are then constructed based on asset classes believed to be in favor long-term. HCM searches for appropriate securities which focus on long-term growth over bull market cycles as the observed valuation discrepancies are resolved while being mindful of cost and expenses. Securities are regularly evaluated to make sure they continue to meet our requirements.


HCM continually monitors the investment process including:

  • Fund performance 
  • Fund managers 
  • Market trends
  • Macro and Micro factors affecting the global economy

Trading Implementation

  • Tax location investing
  • Rule-based rebalancing
  • Tax efficient security selection
  • No-load Mutual Funds
  • Commission free ETFs when applicable

Investment Objective

  • Investment Horizon: Full Market Cycle (typically three to seven years)
  • Investment Minimum: $10,000
  • Benchmark: ACWI All World Benchmark and US Aggregate Bond
  • Investment Objective: Growth