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Client Scenarios

The Cincinnati firm of Hengehold Capital Management, LLC (HCM) has served the financial needs of clients and their families for over 25 years. In this section, you will find several hypothetical examples of clients’ unique circumstances which are intended to illustrate services available at HCM and are not intended to be a testimonial or endorsement. Clients should review with HCM or their investment advisor their own investment objectives and financial needs as well as the terms, conditions and risks involved with specific services.

A Business Owner Who Dreams of Retirement

A 53 year old small business owner was certain that he would not be able to reach his goal of retiring when he turned 60. In the aftermath of two significant market corrections in one decade, he came to HCM distressed over the outlook for his pending retirement. Read more.

Separating from P&G

Steve and Mary, a couple in their 50's, just received an early separation package from Procter and Gamble. They are excited about the offer, but have questions about how things will work, and if they can really afford to follow their dream to retire early. Read more.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

You probably would not expect a professional with an MBA degree and 20 years of experience at a large bank to seek financial advice. However, given the high demands of his career, this client often questioned whether he was giving his own family's investments the proper attention. Read more.

An Active Household

A working couple with a hectic household full of kids realized that what they really needed was a "financial team leader"; someone they could rely on to consolidate, oversee and manage their investments and keep them on track. Read more.

The Retirees

These long-time HCM clients have been retired for twelve years and enjoy a very comfortable retirement income. A significant portion of that income, however, comes from a pension that will be cut in half at his death. Read more.

The Inheritance

A couple in their 60's came to HCM for counseling after receiving a $1.2 million inheritance from his father's estate. They came to us with no idea how to simplify their new found wealth or organize it in a way that would best meet their goals. Read more.

Getting Serious About Retirement

A couple in their mid-50's was looking for a more personalized relationship with a financial advisor who could offer appropriate advice specific to their life situation, as well as a prudent investment strategy. Read more.

Managing By Herself

We received a call from a client that her husband had passed away suddenly. Before he passed, she had depended on him to manage the family investments; therefore our client faced the overwhelming and stressful task of managing all of the finances on her own. Read more.

Just Getting Started

A young couple came to HCM shortly after the birth of their first child. The grandparents had just started a college fund, and that got the young couple thinking about planning for not only their future, but their children's as well. Read more.